Services and Prices at Baxter Nail & Spa

Natural Nail Services

Spa Manicure Spa Manicure

Nail shaping and cuticle cleaning, followed by a relaxing, aromatic massage, finished off with hot towels and nail polishing $15 & up

Deluxe Manicure Deluxe Manicure

Includes basic manicure plus a soothing warm paraffin wax dip for the hands $20

Spa Pedicure Spa Pedicure

Invigorate your toes with a warm soak in Dead Sea rock salts with peppermint and eucalyptus. Spa pedicure includes cuticle cleaning, nail shaping, callus removal and nail polishing. You’ll also enjoy a leg and foot exfoliation massage with sea sand, finished off with lotion and hot towel $29 & up

Spa Mani and Pedi combo Spa Mani and Pedi combo

Lovely hands and feet together $39 & up

Deluxe Pedicure Deluxe Pedicure

This little piggy went to heaven! In addition to the standard spa pedicure, you’ll receive an exfoliating sea salt scrub, an invigorating leg mask with hot towels, followed by full 10 minutes of hot stone massage $40

Deluxe Mani-Pedi $55
Deluxe Pedi-Spa Mani $50
Polish change service Polish change service

Nails $10 & up

Toes $12 & up

French style $15 & up

Little Princess Service

Little Princess Service Princess Mani

Includes two finger designs : $15

Princess Pedi

Includes two big toe designs $20

Princess Mani-Pedi combo $30

Gel manicure NEW

Gel manicure

Soak off gel lacquer that stays on for two weeks. Perfect for busy
women who want long-lasting color. Does not damage natural nails .
Aplication takes about 30 minutes with manicure .
 Gel mani : Spa mani w/ gel polish : $35
 add french : $5
 Gel polish only : ( no manicure ) : $25
add french : $5.

Nail Enhancement Services

Acrylic Nails Acrylic Nails

Liquid monomer and powdered polymer mixed together and formed onto the nails with a brush. Acrylic nails are done plastic tip extension or on your own natural nails.
Full set $30 & up
Fill in $20 & up

Solar Nails (Pink & White) Solar Nails (Pink & White)

The application of a pink nail product on the nail bed and white acrylic on the free edge of the nail. It creates the 'French look' without worry about polish chipping.
Full set $50 & up
Fill in $35 & up
Pink only $25 & up

Powder Gel Nails

Powder Gel Nails

Natural looking enhancement that is non-porous and strong. Powder is applied in the same manner as acrylics but cured under UV light.
Full set $40 & up
Fill in $25 & up

Liquid Gel Nails Liquid Gel Nails

Liquid gel is light feeling, shiny and odorless. Nail is formed when gel is brushed onto the nail in layers and cured under UV light.
Full set $40
Fill in $30

Waxing Services

Waxing Services

Brows $10 & up
Lip $7 & up
Chin $10 & up
Side burns $10 & up
Back $50 & up
Shoulders $30 & up
Men’s chest $45 & up
Full legs $60 & up
Half legs $40 & up
Bikini $35 & up
Underarms $20 & up
Lower arms $25 & up
Full arms $40 & up
Belly $30 & up
Whole face $30